4 Tips for Moving Priceless Items Securely During a Relocation

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving may be a reality of life, yet it is not free of its worry, even if you do not own priceless vintage items, art, or even musical instruments. Yet moving to Denver includes that much additional stress and anxiety for those who own items which are not replaceable. These suggestions may help relieve some of that anxiousness.

First, slow down. Hastening may bring about sloppy slipups. Pack in phases and be sure that there is sufficient time.

Before one thing is packed, create an inventory (your professional movers in Denver will create a list, however it might not be as in depth). A photo inventory verifies that the item arrived in the same state as it left. And it could act as proof if you have to file a claim. Take pics from a few sides. Snap pictures of the packaging and boxes.

Small Items

Keep small valuable items like jewelry or even small electronic devices with you to steer clear of them becoming accidentally misplaced due to their small size. Bring these things inside your carry-on when you're flying. Avoid putting valuables in checked baggage as they can easily disappear without a trace. When traveling to your new residence by automobile, keep valuables in a small bag or backpack that you could pick up whenever you take a moment to shop, eat, or utilize the facilities. Always try to hold these things together with you whenever you can.

Likewise, always keep prescribed medicines, coins and cash, furs, significant documents, photographs, and sentimental items on your person.

Packing Fine art, Vintage items, and Chandeliers

Making use of custom made cartons for televisions, stemware, works of art, along with other hard-to-pack belongings might cost extra upfront but could spare lots of stress and money in the long run. Your moving company could most likely offer cartons of many varied sizes, in case you realize that you will need them. Or, some individuals keep the original boxes that these belongings came in to reuse during moves, which can be optimal.

For chandeliers, take note of the set up prior to taking off any bulbs. A simpler chandelier could have detachable parts wrapped and rest atop a dense layer of padding in the bottom of a crate that is a couple of inches bigger compared to the chandelier before cushioning is positioned around it. If strands and also crystals can be removed, they ought to be wrapped in paper. Chandeliers which need hanging really should be packed inside a custom crate with each and every crystal wrapped in paper to circumvent damage. Speak to your professional mover in Denver about the most secure strategy to move your chandelier.

Pick the Ideal Packaging

Upon packing your valuables, give the package an extremely gentle shake. If anything moves, add more packing material. Bubble wrap is better than packing peanuts because it is less likely to shift. You may use bathroom towels to fill empty space. Similarly, you should add more packaging if the top can cave in. Once the package is securely closed, mark it as "Fragile."

Talk to your moving company in Denver regarding all belongings that may be required to have a special crate built in order to securely move the item. Movers frequently work with 3rd party companies as a way to get belongings correctly crated for transport.

Even with safety measures set, insurance coverage is absolutely important. Speak with your moving company in Denver along with your homeowner’s insurer regarding your alternatives to make certain you have acceptable coverage during your move.

Last but not least, after the moving company in Denver has unloaded the truck, ensure that you check your goods and do a comparison to the pics you've taken prior to when the movers leave, which means unpacking the belongings immediately. Record notes on the documents and take photographs of any possible issues, including photos of damaged packaging.

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