Six Ways to Keep the Crew Motivated Throughout Your Office Move to Denver

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingAt some stage in the life cycle of your organization you are going to move your workplace. A commercial relocation is commonly as stressful for you and your employees as a household goods move, only more so for you because you're a major contributor to your crew's well-being, also. Here are 6 ways to keep your team encouraged and involved throughout your office move to Denver.

Open Discussion

Be as honest and transparent as you possibly can with your staff. Let them know the reasons for the move--enlargement, more affordable office space, or perhaps the need to be nearer to infrastructure such as rail terminals or airports--and more to the point, make the move public as quickly as possible. If your move is caused by downsizing, assure your remaining workers that the move is a natural part of a constructive reorientating. Distribute a pre-move calendar along with essential dates--any project due dates, the periods you will be moving, the periods that you will be packing and loading. The greater specifics you present, the better your team can manage their duties through to the move time. In case something shifts in your timetable, get the word out.

Call for Input

Once you've chosen to make a move, accumulate input from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the place and the style of office they'd enjoy. If you can, involve the workers in the decision making--these are the folks who got you where you are, so their ideas and tips should make a difference.

Address Commute Times, Transportation, and Parking

Every company is diverse, however there are several constants in general for instance--everyone must commute to work. In case you are in a small community, a move will not be such a problem regarding things like parking garages, public transportation, as well as traffic patterns as they generally aren't an issue. In the event that those are issues for your workers, you'll need to think about how they effect their capability to get to and from the new location in a sensible time, and how and where they park if you're in an metropolitan space where parking reaches limited. Map out everybody's new travel and time, and if you are able to, offer to assist with transit cost or parking costs. Be receptive to flexible hours or work-from-home days for all personnel who face extended commute times.

Supply Details on Child Care in Denver

Investigate day care and after school care around the new location and offer to help pay any application charges for associates who need to make a change in day care.

Define Targets, But Have Some Fun

It's easy to get stuck in the stress and adrenaline rush--to the point which very little work is carried out in the run-up to the office move to Denver. Particularly if your move is cross country, it's simple to forget about the tasks at hand if you are looking for a new place to live and selling your old home and checking out school choices and uprooting families. There'll be turmoil and chaos, hence grant your staff some slack--but be ready to gently get any wanderers back on course if they begin to slip.

Human nature being how it is, you might have some low spirits and stress within the weeks getting close to the move. Again, if your move is interstate this will be much more pronounced, so provide incentives for staying on target and productive. Schedule packing parties or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Supply an Information Packet on Denver

Even in this digital time, an info packet is a fantastic item to have. The detail of this package is dependent upon the scale of the move--if it happens to be local then you probably wouldn't have to research school districts and local neighborhoods. For a move that involves moving homes not to mention the business, there are the matters you'll need to discuss, including: subdivisions, school districts, daycare, churches, hospitals/health care, local retailers (grocery store, pharmacy, shopping), eateries, vets, gyms and after school programs.

Similar to any move, a commercial relocation to Denver is going to be stressful. Making use of these simple tips, you can alleviate a part of that anxiety and make sure it's a positive experience which leads to increased employee retention, so that you will hit the ground running the first working day in the new workplace.

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