What Are the Best Times of Year for a Move?

Best time to move with A-1 FreemanIdeally, you'd be able to select the best time to relocate. Yet, life has its own unpredictable timing, and it is not always possible to be picky about scheduling your relocation. However, if you are lucky enough to have the pleasure of planning your next move with plenty of time beforehand, choosing the best time to move to Denver can save you oodles of headaches, hassle, and even expense! This is certainly true if you are planning on hiring a professional moving company to assist you, as booking your move over a non-peak time of year will make it simpler to locate a moving company that can handle your scheduling needs for a competitive rate.

The Best (And Worst) Times of Year to Plan a Move to Denver

It is probably not too astonishing to learn that the worst time of year to schedule a move is generally during the summer months. By and by, this is when most families with children are already scheduled to move, particularly if their children are school-aged (as the majority of parents prefer their children to start at a new school at the onset of an academic year). This means moving company's schedules have a tendcy to get full more quickly during the summer months, so unless you book far ahead, you may have a difficult time getting moving help. Pricing during peak-season for professional movers also tends to be higher based on demand.

Likewise, the best time to move is commonly during the winter months. Business for professional movers during these months has normally slowed down, especially with the holidays, so finding a mover to accommodate you should be simpler (even if you're moving at the last minute).

In addition to moving in the late fall and winter timeframe, you might also want to think about scheduling your move during the middle of the month if you can. That's because the very beginning and end of the month tend to be higher volume for movers based on higher demand, as many lease rentals terminate at the beginning of the month. This means that most renters moving to or from a lease are wanting to move at the very beginning or end, rather than right in the middle of the month.

Lastly, while it may not be practical for everyone's work schedules, scheduling a weekday move instead of a weekend relocation can also be a good way to save cash and sidestep schedule conflicts with a mover. If you have a flexible job and can take a few days off to move in the middle of the week, the savings may be worth it!

Other Important Things to Consider

Beyond scheduling your relocation to Denver to save money and ensure easier scheduling with a professional mover, there are a few other things to think about that could affect the timing of your approaching move. Depending on the weather where you reside, for example, moving towards the very of January might mean moving in snowy, bitter cold, or otherwise bad weather conditions. In addition, moving over a major travel holiday (such as Thanksgiving) might mean additional cars on your path, which could slow your progress. But, this is much more likely to be a problem if you are taking on a long-distance move rather than a local one, so it will really hinge on your unique situation.

When possible, a little bit of planning and foresight can help a lot in saving money (and your sanity!) when preparing for a move. And by taking your unique circumstances into consideration, you can ultimately decide on the best time for you to move.

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