5 Packing Tricks That Make DIY Moving Easier

Packing Hacks

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
A few people move more frequently than others. Whilst there are many benefits to settling in one place, there are a few distinct skill-sets that come from moving frequently. Following a certain quantity of moves, you learn how to deal with your boxes. You'll be able to wield a roll of tape and know how to disperse weight within cardboard cartons. However, most notably, you learn at least a couple of tips that make moving considerably smoother.

Luckily, it's not necessary to move numerous times to find out these tactics. Even if you are organizing your very first significant move far from home, several methods are going to simplify your moving process each time. Currently, we're here to disclose a few of the pro-tricks to enable you to reduce both the cost and stress of moving to Denver. From no cost packing material to box labeling, if you're planning on traveling the "do-it-yourself" course regarding packing, the correct tactics can make a big difference.

Wrap Breakables in Clothing

The first brilliant packing secret is to utilize as little packaging materials as you can. This will lower volume plus help you save money on moving supplies. As opposed to packing peanuts and paper, consider wrapping your fragile items in clean clothing alternatively. Socks, scarves, as well as towels make great packing materials as they can cushion some fragile things really efficiently.

It's also possible to merge your breakables and winter clothes by wrapping dishes or possibly artwork with sweaters. Blankets as well as unused jackets may be used to wrap the exterior of household furniture or various electronic devices (but ensure that zippers and also buttons don't result in scratches). And it will save you the additional cartons to pack the soft possessions. Fascinatingly, efficiency goes the other way, too. Pans, bowls, and bins are excellent storage containers for more compact stuff...particularly groups of wrapped breakables.

This suggestion is primarily beneficial for anyone who is moving a minimal distance or intending to perform the move to Denver yourself. If you plan on hiring professional movers, they'll re-check your packing of breakable things to ensure that they are secure to be moved in the moving truck.

No cost Cartons from Deliveries

It is totally possible to acquire every one of your moving cartons for free once you know best places to look as well as who to ask. Most moving tips advise checking with stores for their lightly used boxes. This is particularly useful for heavy-duty cardboard boxes. At the same time, today's internet commerce marketplace offers an excellent avenue for totally free cartons: deliveries.

Many people need to buy a handful of products before moving. Tape, coat hangers, plastic crates, and road trip snack foods. Ordering your materials online can lead to deliveries to your residence. Deliveries arrive in free strong boxes which can be used to put inside. Likewise, request your pals, relatives and next door neighbors to save cartons from their deliveries for you. When you start a couple months in advance, you very well could have plenty of boxes for all your belongings by the point move day arrives.

Use Your Luggage

Another excellent option to pack resourcefully is using the containers you currently have. Tote bags, crates, and also boxes are normal moving fare. Yet, did you know that it's also possible to make use of suitcases? Suitcases are extremely beneficial when packing for a move. They are created to keep clothes in good shape or can offer a padded location to pack oddly shaped belongings.

Packing your suitcases likewise means they are worthwhile for their volume in the moving truck. Or, they can be used as first-access boxes to take important things you'll need throughout as well as immediately after the move. On a relevant, but different note... You can also create make-shift garmet bags by placing garbage bags around groups of hanging clothes.

Develop a Packing System

Packing to move is about more than purely packing your items in cardboard boxes. It is advisable to take into account what you would like to be packed last as well as what you would like to unbox initially at your new residence. Items like clothes, toiletries, as well as fundamental cooking items need to be accessible. Set them to one side, box them last and keep them on hand once you arrive.

Regarding everything in the middle, pack with unpacking as the primary goal. For example, you most likely would like to set up your bathroom quickly. So, load up all of your bathroom things like shower area caddies, soap dispensers, and cleaning implements together in a carton which will make this easier. If you have things that definitely won't be unpacked for a long time, arrange for permanent storage straight away.

Label Everything Meticulously

Lastly, be specific concerning your labels. You're going to be thanking yourself for it when unpacking down the road. The last thing you want is to be cutting open each box trying to find a missing item or necessities. Be extremely targeted with your carton labeling and list distinct included categories. Don't, for example, tag 7 boxes "Kitchen". Instead, tag them "Kitchen - Pots and Pans" "Kitchen - Plates and Eating Utensils" "Kitchen - Pantry" and so forth.

It's also wise to keep kits and cables together whenever possible. But, before you actually remove the initial cord or wire, take a fast photograph of the back of the TV, DVD player, and so forth should you need a reminder in the future of what power cord goes where. Utilize zipper bags and tape whenever possible for you to group items jointly. Tag and keep the screws for your TV wall mounts in a bag fixed to the TV or designate one particular container as the "parts box" and clearly label and set all parts in this particular box. Bind up power cords and tag them with whatever they are supposed to power. And also, needless to say, pack sets together. It is then much easier to unpack on the other end.


You don't need to move each year of your life to become a moving pro. Being wise and learning as you go are part of the tradition. Using these techniques and many others, you are able to considerably upgrade your moving experience. Streamline packing, lessen your load and make arrival a whole lot easier.

Do not forget that many professional movers are prepared and able to pack up as much or as little as you need, so foregoing all of the above and merely phoning your local professional mover may be the best packing hack of all!

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