Items to Keep with You When Moving to Denver

Moving - Items to keep with youBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Among the toughest aspects of moving is often the effort of safely transporting your keepsakes and valuables. There is no question that the anxiety of making sure these precious items stay free from harm generally is one of the most difficult elements of your entire process.

Although you might be tempted to essentially take with you everything in your own vehicle/pickup truck cab (clothes, personal items, electronics, and so forth.), it is critical to keep in mind that the substantial bulk of your possessions run a minimal chance of being broken or lost throughout a professional move to Denver.

Furthermore, picking the normal moving package offered by a great many professional movers will often indicate that you receive “basic liability” protection which guards your items (with increased coverage typically available at an extra expense.) With your possessions insured in the event of loss or damages, you may most likely only desire to pay additional care to items of irreplaceable or sentimental significance, such as scarce family heirlooms.

The below information will aim to provide you with suggestions about those possessions that you ought to keep with you for your peace of mind. Putting together a little listing of critical possessions to keep on your person throughout the move gives you comfort and save you an additional bit of moving day tension:


Its fair to say that all genuinely irreplaceable items in your control need to be maintained within sight throughout your move, if possible. This may be a not too difficult undertaking when when it comes to trinkets, lockets, etc. However, many movers might find themselves with antique pieces of furniture along with other important things that rest on the bigger or heavier side of the spectrum.

When you find yourself having an imperative piece that's too big to remain with you throughout your move, “maximum value” protection (or a comparable mover’s insurance policy) will in all probability become your best option. Be certain to denote any items of special significance or fragile quality to the movers, to allow them to be sure to prepare the appropriate accommodations.


There’s a strong possibility that you might be part of the numerous families that have a very large quantity of snap shots. Though some have gone mainly digital in their picture taking, a expansive amount of actual photograph albums continue to tend to be the norm for quite a few.

Tangible pictures of legitimate value might include child photos, commencement portraits, etc. It is recommended during your move to carefully consider which photographs in your assortment hold immediate importance, and consider loading them carefully into a medium sized suitcase or the like to remain with you on your trip.

Personal Effects

Traveling light is often a relief, however there are specific items you will want to be certain to keep on you in any move.These may include important documentation/paperwork, legal records, real estate deeds, motor vehicle registration, and verifications of identification, such as social security cards and licenses.

In the instance of any itinerary mix-up, you won’t want to get to your new place without significant information necessary to begin your latest undertaking! Beyond the basics such as your driver’s license and bank cards, make sure to have these items on-hand also, to prevent any chance for them being lost throughout your moving shuffle.

And, when you are ready to start planning your move to Denver, give A-1 Freeman a call! We promise to make the entire process less stressful from start to finish.


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