Leave These Things to the Pros When Moving to Denver

Professional MoversBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

As though you aren't anxious enough by the upcoming move, you have got to think about the logistics of moving prep--do you do it yourself, or work with a professional mover in Denver to get it done for you? In case you are using a full-service moving company, you will find the alternative of a full-service move--all you need to do is get out of the path and let the professional movers in Denver do their thing. Should you be more the DIY type and planning on renting a truck and depending on friends, you may need to reexamine that strategy.

Apart from preserving your back, and your friendships, there's some other reasons to employ a moving company to pack and transport your household items. For starters, these people are pros and understand how to pad and pack your valuable items. Also, they are insured--if you drop Great-Grandma Edith's crystal in the driveway, it will be on you. If the professional mover in Denver doesn't get it exactly correct and things break, no problem--it will be covered.

What is Actually More Difficult to move? Fitness Equipment or Antique China?

Might appear to be a foolish question, correct? Wrong.

Should you pack a box of china and wrap everything properly, likelihood is good that it's going to get through a few bumps and maybe even a small drop. If you try to move a big piece of fitness equipment--say you got a Peloton for Christmas--and you lose your grip and it falls to the ground, the bike, and possibly your walls and floor, is likely to fare worse as opposed to the little carton. You can buy replacement bowls on eBay, but repairing the Peloton isn't going to be inexpensive, not to mention the expense of fixing the dings in the walls and scratches on the floor.

There is a considerable amount put in your gym equipment, hence working with a moving company to take things apart and move them accurately is well worth what you will pay for professional help.

Art and Antique items

If you have any fine art or antiques, it's worthwhile to get them expertly packed and moved. These items are normally insured on a rider that's apart from your standard homeowner's policy--check out the small print about moving. There may be a clause that you need to use pros for insurance to be effective.

One other reason to employ a moving company in Denver to take care of your fine pieces is that they possess the resources and know-how to construct specialized crates and containers for oddly shaped things such as larger mirrors, sculptures, works of art, and the like.

It Ain't Heavy, It's Just a Sleeper Sofa

Ok, you are thinking, I've got a moving truck with a lift gate, some hand trucks, plus a number of quilts as well as tape, and my buddies happen to be strong guys. We can do this, no problem. Surely, it is possible to. However will it be really a good idea?

Moving that couch around the room is one thing. Move it out of the house, across the driveway and in the moving van is a whole different endeavor, and unless it's a straight flat line from point A to point B, it will take up a lot of the clock. Multiply that couch by recliners, dining tables, bed mattresses, other couches, and a mower, and that is not worth a frosty ale and a pizza.

Moving to The Music

Then there exists the terrifying piano--are you comfortable moving that? In fact an upright piano has a weight of about 300 pounds, and a baby grand is easily above 1000 pounds. There is near to 18 tons of tension on the strings--and one may snap before you know it in the event that you don't know what you are doing. Not to mention the scuff marks on a wood floor--you have got to raise it up onto casters or a piano dolly, so you don't make gouges in the wood.

String instruments will also be fragile and should be moved in their cases. Without the case, a professional can create a crate for the musical instrument, cover it gently in bubble wrap, and then, they understand exactly where to place it on the moving truck.

Knowing how to pack the truck is an art form, it's also important to leave all your hefty, fragile, and unique things to the professional movers in Denver. Although, go ahead and pack your own shoes.


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