Moving Day Missteps in Denver

Moving Day HeadacheBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Top of the List? Not Properly Planning!

Yes, you read that right…planning. No household move will go well without it! As a professional moving company in Denver, we’ve got a vested interest in making sure you’re your move is pulled off successfully. And if you have not hired a professional mover yet, then, in that case, planning becomes absolutely imperative! The more prepared you are up front for not only everything that should happen but also a few things that shouldn’t happen but could, the better your move will go. So, we are going to say it again…plan!

Boo-Boos That Planning Can Help You Avert
Tackling too much yourself.

Be rational! Unless you’re Superman or Wonder Woman you can’t do it all. Ask friends and relatives assistance. Let the kids pack the personal stuff in their bedrooms. Split up the inventorying and packing of various rooms between yourself and your spouse. And employ a professional moving company in Denver to do the loading, shipping, and unloading – or whatever else you haven’t the time, the expertise, or the desire to tackle personally.

Waiting until the last minute to take care of everything.

Moving is accomplished in stages. For instance, there are timelines for terminating services (gas, electric, phone, and such) at your current address and starting them at your new address before you move in. Special arrangements must be made and steps must be taken to pack and ship huge or priceless goods. When the professional movers get to your place, everything that’s got to go ought indeed be ready to go if the move is to remain on schedule. Holdups can cost you – and much more than money. Racing around at the last minute is a good way to ensure that things get lost or left behind. Or damaged.

Failing to have a Moving Day plan for the kids and pets.

Are the kids heading out with you or your spouse or staying with grandma until the move’s finished? Have plans been made regarding their school situation? Can you take Fido with you or is he better off being boarded until you’re in your new home? You know these things must be appraised. Don’t put off appraising them!

Not telling your moving company of changes in your schedule.

Has the start date of your new job in your new city changed in a way that could require rescheduling91 your move date? Can’t make the time initialy scheduled for the home survey that influences your move estimate? Need to have the moving company in Denver show up a little later than planned on Move Day? Okay, sometimes changes are inevitable. There’s no reason for them to be a worry, though … if you alert your moving company to them well enough in advance!

Not reading the paperwork from your mover carefully.

What? You didn’t see that additional charge for the moving company’s packing services on page two of the contract? Or the cost of packing and hauling that massive grand piano of yours? Or that your moving insurance doesn’t truly cover the entire valuation of your household goods? Of course, maybe none of those things were actually in the contract – and should have been. If you didn’t read it, how would you know? Undoubtedly you’ve heard the old adage that you shouldn’t ever sign a contract you haven’t read. Heed it! Or you’ll undoubtedly get a bill you weren’t anticipating!

Follow the advice above, start planning early, and you may see that your household move has all the adventure you hoped for – and none of the misery you feared!


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