The 6 Best Places for Seniors to Retire in the U.S.

Moving in retirementBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Retirement may be the reward nearly everybody strives for after many years of effort. A switch to engaging in what you enjoy rather than having to adjust your life to the daily grind. A large part of retirement is to take into account transferring to a place where you can spend years basking in the pleasure of your life. Being a moving company in Denver, we're informed about cities and towns from coast to coast, so we have a couple of suggestions of the destinations in the United States to retire in.

El Paso, TX

El Paso, though not as popular as Dallas or Austin, is surely an remarkable area to live in. They have one of the most affordable costs of living in the nation, with no income tax. It also features a great climate all year and a lot of shops and fun-filled activities all over the town. Better still, you're a fast drive from Northern Mexico should you prefer a quick vacation, or a quick flight to Cancún if you want to enjoy life to the max.

Nashville, TN

Nashville is often an expensive city, but Tennessee has no income tax. Furthermore, Nashville offers the very best country music in the nation. Although, in case country music won't do it for you, there are many styles you will find very easily in the town. In addition, it has perhaps some of the finest BBQ in the world (aside from Texas, of course). So, in the event that food and music are things you cannot do without, Nashville ought to be a top contender for regions to retire to. Furthermore, it can make a fantastic getaway destination, so should you have family, they might visit you rather than you visit them.

Augusta, GA

When people mention Georgia they usually focus on its southern charm. Augusta is the ultimate example of this feeling. It offers year-round modest weather conditions and historical British colonial architecture in large quantities. Additionally, Augusta is renowned for having a booming art scene, so should you enjoy being encompassed by the arts or creating art, you'll not be desiring for anything.

Catalina Foothills, AZ

Catalina Foothills is one of the smaller places on this list. Situated in sunny Arizona, it features 300 days of sunshine annually which compliments all the out of doors sights it provides. Examples of these are The Sabino Canyon, which sees more than a million visitors a year, and also the more local Tucson Botanical. Moreover, the town carries a population of just over 50,000 people and more than half of them are over 50. The area also offers some of the finest healthcare facilities in the state.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is a well-known and polished treasure. It possesses a population of over 400 thousand, therefore it is a nice sized metropolis offering a lot of points of interest. Remarkably, it holds half of the state's parks and a fantastic combination of dining establishments. The median house price in Tulsa is a reported $175 thousand, well below the nation average of $280 thousand. Consequently, selling your old residence and moving to Tulsa may provide you with a good amount of profit the bank to spend on the stuff you adore.

Tulsa also has plenty of startup organizations. Consequently, if you're someone that wants to conduct business consulting through retirement, Tulsa is an excellent location for you.

Littleton, CO

Littleton rounds off the list as a top location to select for retirement life. With a population of 40 thousand, Littleton delivers all the comforts you may expect in a city without all the people. Its proximity to Denver permits simple daytrips and an international airport. The only challenge with Littleton is that it can be a more expensive city to reside in. However, this is often considered of no concern when weighed against its benefits, such as an almost non-existent crime rate.

If you are contemplating moving for retirement, these locations are some of the optimum selections. Each provides a unique attraction, yet all make a wonderful home. When you're ready to move, you’ll want a professional moving company that can assist, contact us for all the moving help you need.


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