What to Do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

closet all packed up for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You have decided on the perfect moving company in Denver, packed up your entire life into cartons, scheduled your dates with the professional movers, planned your journey, loaded your travel tote, and have a new residence all set up and ready at your destination. Following all that work to get everything primed... now it is moving day. And, when you've carried out your job right, you may well end up sitting on the entrance step waiting for the truck pondering... what now?

Having a few hours to yourself on moving day can appear calming, exhausting, fantastic, or dubious. Every person acts diversely, however you don't need to just twiddle your thumbs awaiting the moving truck to show up. Alternatively, it is possible to go down a useful checklist that will make sure you actually are bowing out with every single duck in a row. Listed below are 5 good things to do while waiting around for the professional movers in Denver to show up.

1. Final Cabinet Check

Take a last walk through your home and conduct a concluding examination of each and every room, closet, drawer, and upper shelf. Ensure you aren't negelecting something or leaving behind a carton within a closed up room where the movers won't locate it. It might be helpful to have one last half-full box available to get the odd mitten, necklace, or bath towel that you may scrounge up from the far reaches of the cabinetry on the final check.

This is the ideal time to likewise have a quick look at every bathroom. Ensure there's TP, a hand towel, and hand soap in every one. This is not only useful for you and the movers on moving day, it is also a polite method to depart from a home.

2. Clear Area for the Movers

Then, consider the place that the moving truck will park. You'll need a long area, most certainly curbside, with the backside (or side) of the moving truck aiming in the direction of your home however that is possible, if you reside in a parking-space controlled neighborhood, you might need to schedule a row of single spots for the moving truck on the big day.

Next take into consideration where your professional movers are going to be walking and prepare a wide route for them to safely follow. You can put down planks if there is mud, however most professional moving companies will place down floor runners to keep your floors sparkling. It's also advisable to clean up all obstacles out of the way to speed up the move and remove tripping dangers.

3. Investigate the Fine Print

Whilst awaiting the moving truck in Denver, take the time to glance at your moving agreement and documentation. There are often intriguing specifics and insights into the moving industry by simply looking through the paperwork that the moving company in Denver gave you.

The contract will likely list specific items that the movers won't be able to move, generally by law. These include everything living which includes house plants, anything that might explode, or anything at all that will spoil in the truck. In case you have fish, pets, harmful materials, or house plants then make plans to take them along with you instead of transferring them inside the truck. If you've got any concerns about what can and can't go on the moving truck, give your moving coordinator a call. He or she will be glad to answer any queries you might have.

4. Fill the Fridge with Sodas and Water

Following that, take the opportunity to fill your refrigerator with refreshments. The fridge is already purged which means there will be more than enough room for cases of pop and water and perhaps even healthy snacks for the team. The bigger your move, the more appreciated refreshments will be. Specifically if you, like most, move in the hotter periods. Furnishing light snacks for the moving crew is absolutely not required, but we guarantee you that it'll be well received and valued.

5. Load up Your Automobile

Last but certainly not least, make sure that your personal vehicle is packed and ready to head out. Odds are, once the professional movers have left and you have cleaned the place one last time, you will be leaving permanently. The easiest way to be sure you do not forget anything is to perform the full examination ahead of time. Take a look at gasoline and oil levels. Look at your overnight bag and make sure all plants and flowers and pets are prepared to leave when it is time.


When you have handled everything else, waiting for the moving truck can seem like a significant stretch of useless time. Although with this checklist, you'll have your time proficiently occupied so that the house is ready when the moving truck arrives. For more moving tips or to discuss your upcoming move, contact us today!


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