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March 31, 2023

Keep Organized During Your Move

staying organized while movingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

The move from your old house to your new one is usually exhausting, difficult, and stressful. This is especially valid in the event you have trouble keeping organized during the moving process. When your life is packed into moving cartons, it may be easy to let things "slip through the cracks," and end up feeling more uneasy than you ought to be.

Many people have discovered that hiring a professional moving company in Denver has allowed them to stay organized over the timeframe of the move and also made their relocation much easier to deal with. However that's not the only thing you can do to be organized over your move. Here are some additional suggestions that may help.

Set Your Dates

From the initial day you start packing your things to the final time you say bye to your old place, it is important to have the big dates in the moving process set as early as you can. You may require six weeks or more to plan out your move, pack your belongings, hire a moving company in Denver, and also figure out storage (if required).

Many people find it practical to make a "master schedule" of their relocation — and give themselves a little breathing room in case they encounter a delay. Your schedule needs to include a timeline of critical happenings over the move, deadlines, and also a list of jobs to allocate out to family members.

Make To-Do Lists

A comprehensive to-do list will be a great tool. Not only should daily and also weekly to-do lists keep your move going in the right direction, but they might also be great stress management tools. Truth be told, lots of people realize a to-do list has a relaxing effect on them.

You may feel it helpful to assemble smaller to-do lists rather than one huge one for the whole relocation. For example, one of your weekly tasks might be to pack your bedroom, and subsequently you could split that task into simpler daily jobs (pack jewelry, pack office/printer supplies, pack clothes, and so on).

Assign Jobs to Different Family Members

Moving should be a family job. Be sure that every family member knows what they will be responsible for to make your move go smoothly. For example, extenuating circumstances excluded, each person in your house might be able to pack the majority of the things in his or her own bedroom. You may additionally decide to assign cleaning tasks for after the packing is done.

If everyone's on the same page, your move should move along much more efficiently.

Stick to Your Deadlines

The last thing you want when moving will be scurrying around to crazily pack as well as load every belonging you have with only a few hours left to spare. The best way to circumvent such a disorganized mess will be to stay to each deadline you set for yourself to the extent possible.

For example, create deadlines to be done packing each of the rooms. Create a deadline to schedule the professional moving company in Denver to come and load your stuff, or to rent a moving truck. You should also set up deadlines for vital actions prior to and after your move, like cancelling your power as well as the other utilities at the old house and setting them up for your new house.

Reward Yourself!

And, remember to give yourself a reward or two when you are making progress toward your goal. Perhaps you could treat your family to a nice dinner after checking off a big job on the to-do list, or perhaps just take an occasional night off from moving prep. However you proceed, rewarding yourself once in a while can keep you motivated and focused.

In the event you ever are overwhelmed throughout the moving process, and need a little help staying organized, do not hesitate to reach out to the A-1 Freeman team of professional movers in Denver! We can help make your move less hectic from start to finish.


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