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February 14, 2021

Moving in Together: Tips to Combine Two Households

Moving in togetherBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Deciding to move in together is a major step. It's one that shouldn't be taken casually (or done without a great deal of thought). The two of you need to sit down to go over everything before they take the plunge. Being a professional moving company in Denver, we know that despite the presence of a plan, it's actually not a simple task to blend two households into one.

Follow this advice to help you to both prepare for the next phase.

Make certain that this is the right time. Alas, there isn't a schedule that states when the right time is for a couple to move in together. It will depend on how both parties feel. Each of you should be on the same page before you decide to join your households.

Figure out where you want to live. Though it may be easier to move into one person's residence, for a lot of couples, it is best to begin again in a new place. Doing this, it will always feel like home to the two of you, rather than his (or her) place.

Should you decide to move into one person's abode, will the other person be comfortable enough to make changes? Whenever one person moves into the other person's residence, they may wish to make it feel more like their home by bringing in their own personal furniture and moving some things around to generate room for their belongings. The other individual must be in a position to meeting half way and enable the other one to make these modifications so both people can be happy in their new house.

Don't rush when going through your belongings. When combining two households, you are going to have plenty of things for your new (or existing residence). You are probably going to have two beds, a couple of sofas, and many blankets. You'll probably both have kitchen and bathroom stuff.

You do not need to have two of everything in your new place, so you are going to need to go through everything to figure out what you're going to keep and what you intend to sell or give away. Various sentimental items will need to remain but you could grovel to decide what pieces of furniture you want to keep. You might have to make that decision based on the one that is in better shape or perhaps the one that can fit in your home better.

Do not be hesitant to look into storage. If you're seriously unable to decide what to keep and do away with, you might need to rent a storage area for now. This may also be of assistance if you're planning on moving into a larger home in the longer term. You might need the extra bed for guests when you are all set to buy your next home. You might like to keep a few of your sentimental things in storage until you have got your man cave or she shack.

Talk about money early on. It is important to take a look at finances before you decide to move in together. You might like to use a joint checking account so that you can band together to pay for the bills.

However, it might be more effective if you split up the bills, having one person maintain the rent, while the other covers the electricity, water, and other bills. Both of you have to be satisfied with how you will pay your bills prior to taking the next step.

Prior to when you move in together, you need to sit down and really examine it. You need to ensure that it is the best time for both of you. You also have to figure out if you are going to live in one person's place or commence fresh with your new house. Then, it is time to go through your things. Obtain a moving company in Denver to assist and rent a storage locker if you are struggling with whose stuff to keep.

At A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Denver, we realize how difficult moving is generally and we want to make this change simpler for you. Whether you're moving locally or someplace totally new, let us do the hard work. We would be glad to make sure that everything that you choose to move makes it to your new residence in perfect shape.


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The Mickelson Family
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