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October 07, 2017

The Pros and Cons of Moving Closer to Kids or Grandkids in Denver

The Pros and Cons of Moving Closer to Kids or Grandkids in Denver

Family is vital, and when you live with many miles between it's hard to spend time with one another frequently. While telephones and video calls have shrunk that distance, it is never quite the same as being able to physically be with your loved ones. If you might be considering moving closer to your family, you should carefully contemplate every part of that choice. While it is easy to see only the advantages, without really thinking about the downside. And for every up there is a down, which is why it is a grand idea to compare and contrast what your future life might look like if you choose to make that move to Denver.

The Pros and Cons of Moving Closer to Kids or Grandkids


Pro: You Get More Family Time

Even active families can make time to grab lunch or go to a weekend movie, assuming they live relatively close together. It also means you won't miss holidays, birthdays, and other important events like recitals, school field trips, etc. that grandkids seem to have on a regular basis. That is a valid reason for many older parents to try to close the gap between themselves, and the rest of their families.

Con: You Have Limited Options

If the rest of your family previously has taken up residence in a certain location, then you have to take that city on its own terms. That means you have restricted selections when it comes to budgets, locations, and other options that are frequently available for you when pondering moving. Depending on your resources and your personal needs, you might not be able to find a new home that gives you everything you require.

Pro: You Have a Support Network in Denver

Even if you are unfamiliar with your new location, you'll have a support network with your family. They can help integrate you, give you the grand tour, and get you up-to-speed on what your new location is all about. That is a wonderful plus, especially for retirees who may have issues asking for help, or starting a new social network in Denver from scratch.

Con: It Can Be Hard to Balance Life

Just because you're a parent or a grandparent doesn't mean you don't have a life to live. You have interests and hobbies, and you might even still be working on your career. Just because your kids have grown up (and in some cases had kids of their own) doesn’t mean you don't have plenty to do, still. If you live close by your family, though, you might feel obligated to put that aside so that you can be more involved with your loved ones.

Pro: New Opportunities

If the area you're moving to has things your current area doesn't, then that can be a huge advantage for you. Whether it is more robust social services to help you with your needs, a more engaging social scene, or just an economy where your money goes further than it does where you currently live. You need to meticulously gauge where you're moving to, and try to uncover positive aspects of it that will allow you to enjoy yourself and fit in.

Con: The Cost

Even if you have a small house of stuff, and you're moving a relatively short distance, it's going to cost you time, money and energy to move. Those costs need to be calculated and their impact evaluated, before you commit to move. Because even if you can afford your final destination; you want to be closer to your family; and there are opportunities there, the cost of moving might be enough to shackle you in place.

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