Don't Put That on the Moving Van! 4 Types of Items That Can't Be Moved

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Are you planning to move in the near future? If so, you may be overloaded, pondering all the belongings you will have to pack. But not everything you want to transport to your new home can or will be moved by your professional movers in Denver. In other words, there are a few items that you should move on your own. Here are four of the primary types of things your moving company in Denver cannot move, together with a few considerations and warnings and how we can assist you.


For basic safety reasons, movers keep a list of unsafe things that they are unable to move. Chemicals reacting with other substances, for instance putting paint thinner in addition to weed killer together on a moving truck may result in a disastrous consequence.

A few of the dangerous goods that cannot be moved include those, like lighter fluid, fuel, propane tanks, matches, paints, paint thinners, fireworks, oxygen bottles, residential cleaning solutions, pesticide sprays, fertilizers, weed killers, aerosol cans, pool chemicals and also nail polish remover. You'll want to seek the advice of your moving company in Denver for a complete list.


An additional item you shouldn't place in a moving vehicle is plants. The truth is, there are some states with regulations, regarding certain houseplants that can or cannot traverse a state line. While unwanted pests and also mites are certainly not a challenge in some regions, they may be considered to be very unsafe in other states.

Furthermore, the majority of moving companies do not wish to haul plants given that pests that live in the soil may easily spill into the moving van. Even if the moving company confirms to move your plants, they could not make it, especially if you are moving a long distance given that plants have to have sun as well as water. If you don't have space in your vehicle for the plants, perhaps you should give them away to your friends and neighbors.


Even if your moving company tells you they will carry your precious valuables on their moving truck, it's still smart to keep your essential paperwork and photographs together with you. The reason being these are generally things which cannot be simply replaced.


Professional movers in Denver generally pack the majority of canned food for you, but you really should still consider if this is a smart idea. Of course, perishable food items should not be carried on a moving van. It will be recommended that you donate your perishables in addition to food items in glass containers rather than transporting them with you.

You need to make room in your automobile for even more important things, and you don't want to have to worry about accidents from leakages, cracks or mold ahead of arriving at your new home. But boxed and/or canned foods, such as spices and dried fruits may be transported. For any questions regarding which foods that can or can't be moved, consult your moving agent.


· Make plans to take your pets along with you and talk about any specific needs your pet could have with your veterinarian.

· As for alcoholic beverages, take into account that state laws and regulations regarding alcoholic beverages may vary, so it is advisable to not move your alcohol.

· Why not take advantage of supermarket delivery when getting to your new home. You can order online for food items, paper products, cleaning supplies and other necessities.

· You may put your lawn mower on the moving truck, provided you have drained the gasoline and oil tanks.

· Consider that it's also unsafe for you to move hazardous products in your car. It's best to simply repurchase them once you get to your new house. In other words, do not take the risk of moving them.

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