The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Moving

Moving in the summerBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

It's no wonder that summer is the preferred time for moving, because not many people would like to brave cold wintertime weather or (for anybody with school-age children) deal with the strain connected with moving their family members in the midst of a school year.

Naturally, it means that you will have obstacles that you will have to overcome to make your move a success. Nevertheless, with a little forethought, scheduling, and also a little bit of aid from a professional moving company in Denver, everything is bound to work out in the end. Here are a few do's and don'ts for moving to Denver over the summer months:


· Plan and book your moving company in Denver as far ahead of time as possible. Considering that summer season is peak moving season, do not delay until the last moment to make plans with your professional movers, because you might realize that your selected company is now reserved.

· Remain hydrated. Some people are without knowing affected by persistent dehydration, and the summer warmth merely makes things worse. To circumvent tiredness, muscle cramps, headache, as well as a multitude of other symptoms, make certain that you take in enough water. Of course, if you can spare a few water bottles for your professional movers, they shall be gracious for the hydration as well, believe us.

· Protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Wear plenty of sun block and/or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your body from the sunburn and other problems that come from too much exposure to UV radiation.

· Commence the move early in the day. If you can, pack and load the weightier pieces before the sun comes out in full force, it will make you and your moving company workers much more content through the rest of the loading process.

· Make sure perishable items are kept in a cool location. Whether it is foodstuff or perhaps items which could experience issues from lengthy exposure to heat, make certain you have a strategy when it comes to keeping spoilable things chilled.

· Anticipate to pay more. Typically, summertime's appeal for moving commonly signifies that you will end up having to pay a bit more for the very same service than you will during other times of the year.

Do not ...

· Hold off the transfer of your utilities. The last thing you need is to arrive at your new residence only to discover that it's 90 degrees outside and there isn't any air conditioning.

· Fail to take additional precautions with your youngsters and/or household pets. As stated previously, make sure that your children are wearing enough sun block, and are outfitted properly for hot weather. Be aware of the dangers related to heat exhaustion along with heat stroke, and keep your children and pets hydrated over the moving process.

· Ignore how long the moving process requires. Far ahead of moving day, you need to start the moving process by packing up particular items that you won't require for some time. You ought to investigate several moving companies in Denver, speak to the movers which you prefer, after which, if you want to use them, do so several weeks beforehand.

The reality is, summer moving has its distinct eccentricities as well as challenges. However, with appropriate arranging and the help of professional movers in Denver, like the friendly experts at the A-1 Freeman Moving Group, you'll be able to enjoy a comparatively easy and effortless transition as you commence a new part in your life. If you'd like to find out more about how we can help, connect with us today.


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